Swim Lessons


Swimming is a fun, exciting form of exercise that you or your child will enjoy for a lifetime.

H2Owls swimming lessons provide a safe, pressure free atmosphere where beginners can learn invaluable swimming and water skills. Our classes provide a nurturing environment where students learn to be comfortable in the water and develop strong swimming techniques.

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A few facts about our swim lesson programs:

  • Classes are available for ages as young as 6 months – adult
  • Classes are available for all skill levels including: No Experience, Beginners, Masters and Triathlete Swimmers
  • Private and semi-private lessons are available
  • Group classes are generally limited to 3 students per instructor for kids (never more than 4)
  • Every instructor is Red Cross Certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid & CPR/AED, SwimAmerica Coaches

Kids Swimming Lessons

Lesson Rates & Prices

See our group and private prices below.

Kids Swimming Lessons

  • School Age and Preschool Lessons start at $17.50 per ½ hour
    Group classes are generally limited to 3 students per instructor for kids (never more than 4)
  • Private Lessons are $37.50 per ½  hour
  • Semi-private are $22.50 per ½ hour

Infant Swimming Lessons

  • Private Infant lessons are $300 and are only offered in a 4 week, 16 class program.
  • Mommy and me classes start at $17.50 per ½ hour

Age 13+ Swimming Lessons

  • Private Lessons are $37.50 per ½  hour
  • Semi-private are $22.50 per ½ hour

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Adult & Technique Swimming Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Do I Register/Schedule Private Lessons?

Contact the H2owls via the website or phone call and we will get back to you. Our fee for private lessons starts at $75 per hour. The more time you purchase for private lessons, the less you pay per hour. After we set up payment, you can schedule the classes and instructor.

Can I Use the Private Lessons I’ve Purchased For All My Children?

Of course! If you purchase 5 hours of privates, they are yours and can be used however you see fit.

Can We Still Register After a Session Has Started?

Yes! Our lessons are prorated so if you register late for a session, you will only pay for the classes remaining in that session.

What is Your Student to Teacher Ratio?

Our group lesson student to instructor ratio is kept at a very low 5 students for every 1 instructor to maximize the time each student gets (3 students to every 1 instructor for school age and preschool children).

What Age Groups Do you Offer?

We offer classes for children and adults of all ages, starting as young as 6 months old.

What Skill Levels Do You Teach?

We provide lessons and training for all skill levels including those with no experience, beginners, intermediates and experts.

How Many Days per Week Should We Come?

Coming two times a week seems to work best. The more often you come, the more progress you see in a shorter time period. Also, the more lessons you take, the less expensive it is per class.

Do Parents Have to Get in The Water?

  • With group lessons, parents do not get in the water
  • Private, Semi-private, and Infant Aquatics-On classes will be determined on a per case basis, where the student is particularly uncomfortable or frightened of the water.
  • Mommy and me classes do require parents to be in the pool with their kids.

Mommy & Me - Infant Swimming Lessons

Does My Child Need to Wear a Diaper?

Children who are not potty trained are required to wear diapers at all times.

What Does My Child Need for Class?

  • All children need to attend swim class in a swimsuit.
  • We also recommend goggles and a cap (which available for purchase at the lesson).
  • If your child gets cold in the water, a swim shirt can help, though it can make it more difficult to move in the water.

What is Your Make-up Policy?

  • We offer make ups for classes that were cancelled for reasons beyond H2Owls’ control.
  • Make-ups for extenuating circumstances are available with adequate notice by email (please provide 2 alternate make-up times which will be approved ahead of time).
  • Holidays and scheduled days may not be made up.
  • Our complete make up policy will be given at check-out.

Can We Try H2Owls before we commit?

Of course! We’d love to have you! The fee for a trial class is $15 which you can arrange by contacting us here.

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